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Since an early age, Tom's passion has been the art of making dentures. He was first introduced into the profession as a teenager. Tom quickly became proficient in the art, by working in local dental offices in Portland. He then operated his own commercial dental laboratory for 18 years. His work was in demand by many dentists in Portland and Vancouver. In fact, Tom continues to do his own lab work at his present practice at Advanced Denture in Vancouver, WA.

In fact, Tom continues to do his own lab work at his present practice at Advanced Denture in Vancouver, WA.
When voters in Washington state passed legislation permitting a licensed denturist to work directly with the patient, Tom quickly completed the requireed coursework, passed the license examination, and opened his own denture clinic in Vancouver. This led to his next passion.
Tom loves assisting patients in providing the perfect denture solution. He specializes in difficult cases. In order to stay up to date on denture technology, he has attended continuing education seminars at the U of O Dental School in Portland. He also attends seminars sponsored by the Oregon Denturist Association. With this growing knowledge, Tom is always looking for ways to make denture products more comfortable and easier to wear. He also looks for ways for the dentures to enhance his patient's appearance. He's always more than willing to provide extra follow-up care to assist and educate his patients. Making denture products to help others is truly Tom's passion.
His personal commitment to all his patients is that he will ensure 100% satisfaction. If he feels, after consulting with you about your needs, that he can't deliver 100% satisfaction, he will let you know and not accept your case.
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